Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Preparing for College 101

How to prepare

Planning for college should begin as early as the eighth grade because that is when you need to decide whether or not you are going to follow a college preparatory track. A college preparatory track should include as a minimum:

· 4 years of English and Literature

· 3-4 years of Math (including advanced algebra and trigonometry)

· 2-3 years of Foreign Language

· 2-4 years of Laboratory Science

· 2 years of History and Social Science

· 3 years of Electives

16 year-long academic subjects

This schedule demands that you take at least 4 college preparatory classes in every year of high school, still leaving room for you to take additional electives in music, art, yearbook, etc.

If you are interested in engineering, math, science or computers, take all the math and science you can. If your strengths are history, writing, literature or the arts, take extra classes in these subjects. It is always a good idea to take extra foreign language courses. Your school counselor will help you plan you schedule according to your strengths and interests.

The following is only a suggested list that will help guide you to a successful senior year without stressing too much about your college application.


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