Monday, April 23, 2012

The Impact of SB 1070 on Arizona’s Youth

This week, April 25th to be exact, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide the fate of SB 1070, Arizona's anti-immigrant law passed in April 2010.  As the oral arguments are heard, the opinions cast, and news channels argue about what each of the Justice's comments might imply, we ask you to think about the families, especially children, who have been negatively impacted throughout our communities because of SB 1070.  

Check out this powerful report led by Tomas Lopez with the support of the Southwest Institute for Research on Women, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Bacon Immigration Law and Policy Program, James E. Rogers College of Law at the University of Arizona.  After interviewing over 70 teachers, parents, and students the report will shock you:
"The report’s findings reveal a disturbing picture of youth destabilized, disillusioned, and disadvantaged by the passage of SB 1070. Their communities have been frayed by the departure of family members and friends. Their educations have been undermined by, among other factors, decreased school enrollments and the distress left in the wake of those departures. Many young people and their families also maintain a powerful mistrust of the public institutions around them, especially police, but also often extending to schools."
Download the full report.


Gregor Renk said...

That’s really interesting. I think this will have an impact to say the least. I am actually preparing to be a lawyer myself and I am currently studying with a n online LSAT Prep course. The LSAT Test Dates are coming near and I’m doing Logic games prep at the moment.

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