Thursday, May 26, 2011

Education is the Safest Investment

The Oregon State Senate recently approved SB 742, also known as the tuition equity bill. It now rests in the hands of the State House. While this may seem like legislators are debating another immigration bill, they're actually deciding whether or not to invest in the strengthening and creation of an educated and skilled workforce.

As expressed in their public letter of support, even the business community agrees that SB 742, which would "extend in-state tuition rates to all qualified graduates of Oregon high schools, regardless of immigration status" is necessary for the future of Oregon's economy. So what's the holdup?

And as one Oregon student, an ally of undocumented students, so powerfully told some legislators, "My future is made better by giving [undocumented students] the opportunity to have a better future for themselves and Oregon."

Business leaders standing with students, some undocumented and others citizens. Fighting together for the future of their community. Will you stand with them and invest in our collective future?

C0-director, ScholarshipsA-Z


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