Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Soon to Become Law in Arizona - 2011

The Arizona Interfaith Network just released its final report to show which anti-immigrant bills will become law in AZ in the next 90 days. Here's what passed:

50th Arizona Legislature, First Regular Session
(As of 4/29/2011)

Summary: The Legislature adjourned Sine Die on April 20. Here are the three anti-immigrant bills that passed the House and Senate and were signed by the Governor. These bills become effective 90 days after the Legislature adjourned.

All of the other anti-immigrant bills failed to pass both the House & Senate.

SB 1406: Interstate Compact; Border Fence (Smith R-Dist. 23)
Creates an interstate compact that allows the Governor to enter into an agreement with other states to allow for the construction and maintenance of a fence along the Arizona-Mexico border.
Signed by Governor 4/28/11

SB 1465: valid identification; consular cards; prohibition
Prohibits the acceptance of the Matricula Consular Identification Card issued by the Mexican Consulate as a form of identification. Currently a number of Arizona cities and counties accept the card, the result of actions taken by AIN organizations seven or eight years ago.
Signed by Governor on 4/28/11

HB 2102 license eligibility; authorized presence (Kavanagh)
Requires government-issued ID to obtain a fingerprint card and proof of legal status and a photo ID to work in the service industry.
Signed by Governor on 4/28/11

Because of the constant pressure put on our legislators by immigrant families and allies throughout AZ, many of the 20+ proposed bills were defeated in either the AZ House or Senate. We must continue working together.

- Matt M.
Co-Director of ScholarshipsA-Z


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