Friday, April 8, 2011

COLORLINES says, "ScholarshipsA-Z Teaches Us How to Fight Back"

We are humbled to know that Rinku Sen (pictured left), President and Executive Director of the Applied Research Center (ARC) and Publisher of is inspired by the work of ScholarshipsA-Z and other youth leaders working to improve communities across AZ. She wrote about it in her most recent post on

Last week, Rinku Sen spoke at the University of Arizona and YWCA of Tucson, and shared personal stories about her own struggles to get involved in racial justice work. Her wisdom and honesty inspired many of us to keep fighting for justice in Arizona. She was powerful and profound and the members of our ScholarshipsA-Z team who had the chance to meet her are forever touched and grateful for her strength.

After reading her piece in, here's a reaction from a ScholarshipsA-Z's board member:
"When reading the article, the truth was that plenty of emotions came to me. I had just finished watching the video of the DREAMER student that got arrested in georgia. Knowing that we are doing something to help gives me hope that someday, maybe sooner than later, everyone will have the opportunity to attend a college and reach their dreams. With time we have seen that education is the key to success, to be able to be heard and a tool that can never be taken away from you. Knowing that there are people out there such as Rinku Sen, who are fighting for the same cause we are, only gives me more hope that together, united we will make a difference and help out all those students out there that need our help. Knowing that someone like her will be spreading the word around about ScholarshipsA-Z, means only that we have lots more to work towards. Just want to say thank you to every single one of the members of ScholarshipsA-Z. You each bring something special to the group and con el favor de dios, juntos aremos cambios."
- Cristian E. Tapia
Member of ScholarshipsA-Z
ScholarshipsA-Z continues to fight for justice so all students have access to higher education, regardless of their immigration status. We invite you to be part of the struggle.


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