Friday, April 29, 2011

Hardwork and Dedication Pay Off

The National Society of High School Scholars, establish in 2002 by Claes Nobel who also established the Nobel prizes recognizes amazing achievement from high school students. Gardenia Isabel a student from a local high school here in Tucson, AZ, was recently recognized by this organization.

NSHSS recognizes the students by looking into their academic achievements and goals. What makes Gardenia special, as well as many other talented students out there is the fact that Gardenia is a local DREAMer. She was brought to this country when she was six months old as many other DREAMers out there. She knows no home but that of Tucson, Arizona. As a sophomore in high school she has proven her self academically and well and physically in her class. She has participated in cheerleading, dancing, track and field, and not to mention being part of the Honors program in her high school while being part of the club Youth Empowering Success. This talented student has proven herself many times to her teachers and classmates that she deserves these achievements. Now after being recognize by such a great organization as NSHSS, Gardenia encounters a problem. A problem that many talented youth have, the problem of being a DREAMer, of being denied here in Arizona the right to have a proper education, the right to be able to contribute back to our society and not to mention be able to help our economy.

Just as Gardenia there are lots more great talented youth out there in our country who we don’t take into consideration. We seem to be more busy on trying to find a way to put them down instead of education the great minds we have to not only help us out economically but also to show that we care about education our youth. Many students work hard, sacrifice many things, and commit fully to there academics but are not given the proper welcome because of a choice they themselves did not make. I hope that one-day students such as Gardenia get the opportunity to become educated, to not struggle and hide in fear, and be able to show how talented they truly are.

In my mind the day will come when a DREAMer accomplishes their DREAM!!!

- Cristian T.


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